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CDA's Commercial Diving and Underwater Welding program is a career training program with post graduation placement rates in excess of 90%. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Do you like a challenge?

Commercial is physically and mentally demanding.  It requires long hours and the ability to thrive in adverse conditions.

While a career as a commercial diver and underwater welder can be rewarding, it is not for everyone. The industry demands total commitment, long hours, extensive travel, a great attitude and superior work ethic. If you're interested in becoming a commercial diver and underwater welder then it's important that you be ready for a physically and mentally challenging career.

Are you comfortable with constant change?

From an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico to a pipeline in the Red Sea, in this industry, no two jobs are exactly alike.

No two jobs are exactly the same, and as a CDA-trained commercial diver you can be employed to perform a variety of tasks such as marine salvage, underwater welding, dredging, bridge inspection, pipeline construction, and sea wall repair. With such high demand for skilled commercial divers, marine companies are constantly searching for qualified individuals to perform these tough underwater jobs.

Are you ready to make a commitment?

This isn’t a job - it’s a calling.  Being a CDA diver puts you in an elite group of trained craftsman with highly sought-after skills. 

With a minimum 3,000 minutes of bottom time, our program goes above and beyond the standard training by simulating the demands of a real commercial diver with daily physical training, 10-hour days, and safety meetings. CDA is committed to training students in a comprehensive and hands-on educational environment that will ensure they achieve success in the highly competitive world of commercial diving.